Taking It Not So Easy

Jul 31, 2005

"Even Napa Valley, which quivers like a spaniel with every market fluctuation, has its’ “difficult” wines, such as cabernets from Wing Canyon and Mayacamas on Mount Veeder… There’s nothing wrong with easy wines. But there’s also something decidedly  right about difficult ones. Like demanding art, you’ve got to work to appreciate them. But when you do, the reward is great- and lasting."

From The Wine Spectator, July 31, 2005, page 36 "Taking It Not So Easy” by Matt Kramer


New California Wine

Jun 1, 2004

“Wing Canyon Vineyard-A small family winery on Mt. Veeder, Wing Canyon Vineyard creates lovely, delicate, pure Mount Veeder Cabernet with uncommon finesse and mineral notes. Not much wine is made, so this is a producer you have to seek out. But it is worth the effort. Wing Canyon is the source of some of Mount Veeder’s finest Cabernets, along with those of Mayacamas Vineyards higher up on the mountain.”

From Matt Kramer’s “New California Wine”, Running Press


Vines Among the Redwoods

Nov 1, 1997

"Bill Jenkins produces wines at Wing Canyon in which he has infused the natural power and distinction of Mount Veeder with an extraordinary grace."

From “Gourmet” November 1997 “Vines Among the Redwoods” By Gerald Asher (re: Mt. Veeder Appellation)


A Serious Paternity Suit

May 3, 1997

“Wing Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon 1993, Mount Veeder. Made by a fanatic on a tiny property… this is just the sort of wine to prove that the Napa Valley is Cabernet’s second home.”

From “The Financial Tines”, London, “Weekend” May3-4, 1997, “A Serious Paternity Suit, Jancis Robinson Considers the Revelations Over Cabernet Sauvignon’s Parentage” by Jancis Robinson