Bill Jenkins

Winemaker and Vineyard Manager

After graduating with a BA in Philosophy and Economics from Rice University, Bill moved to Santa Barbara for graduate work in Philosophy. In 1970 he established a whole grain bakery called Sunrise.

Then, after 13 years of bread dough fermentations, he decide to seek a fermented product that only got better with time — wine. In 1983, after working for several Mt Veeder wineries, Bill purchased the 160 acres parcel on Mt. Veeder and started clearing the hillside for vineyards, building roads and planting grapes.

The winery was completed in 1991, the residence in 1994.

Kathy Dennett

First Mate & Artist

Kathy attended UCSD and UCSB before receiving her BS and Masters degree in Food Science and Technology from UCD in 1976. During a transition period between UCs she worked at a small whole grain bakery in Santa Barbara called Sunrise, which happened to be owned by Bill Jenkins.

After college she became the head baker for the Good Earth Restaurants and eventually took charge of training, product development and purchasing for all the Good Earth franchise restaurants under General Mills.

In 1983 she moved to Napa to be with Bill and help create Wing Canyon. She was the contractor for the winery and residence and has a side business painting “Hex” signs and oil paintings, many of which are incorporated into Wing Canyon wine labels and newsletters.

Sooki and Monsta

Working Dogs

These two really are working dogs: Digging up voles and gofers, chasing deer and wild turkeys, and greeting guests are just some of their duties. In return, chef Bill prepares their dinners of braised pork on brown rice, builds fires to keep them warm and allows them to sit in all his favorite chairs.

Diego and Tiny Creature

Welcoming Committee

Diego is our old pit bull. He used to be a serious working dog but has since retired, and taken up unexplained barking and disciplining all smaller dogs, including Tiny Creature. 

Tiny Creature was a very small white, wired-haired puppy we found on Mt Veeder Road. Then she grew and her hair did too — into a spiky wild thing that collects stickers, twigs and attention. Her job is to make people laugh.